Remove the word chronic from pain.

Discover why you hurt, and how to live a better life.

With more than 200 ways to relieve your pain, Cindy reveals to you the self-treatments that have brought relief to sufferers worldwide.

End the cycle of suffering.

  • End your Pain Cycles and Patterns
  • Set your gifts free so you can take your life to new levels of success.
  • Relieve stress so that you can always remain calm and focused, no matter what the situation.
  • Clear your mind of anything that stops you from learning or absorbing information.
  • Understand why you can hurt your knee and have it hurt years afterward, why a muscle in your thigh can cause low back pain, how your body really works and a whole lot more.
  • Allow proper function throughout the nervous system, promoting health and healing naturally. For you, this can mean a permanent resolution of your pain or health problems.

Inspired by the success of her Pain Processing Practice for over 35 years, she wrote the book about the why and how of pain that had not been written.

There are millions of people who are in daily pain but who want to live without pain that will be helped by

Pain free at last

Cindy is writing the next book.

She teaches you how to self–treat the areas in your life that are the source of your pain. Custom make a program just for you and you will learn just what you need to learn to treat yourself to with methods you′ll use over and over to end pain FAST!

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