From early childhood, Cindy Ann Olson faced what seemed an inescapable concern with pain. Her father suffered from chronic back problems while her mother was affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT) – a disorder that alters the normal function of the peripheral nerves, and causes frequent episodes of both migraine and tension headaches. A hereditary neurological disorder, CMT also affected Cindy from the age of 7.   “What the medical community offered me was a complex array of powerful pain medications,” Cindy recounts. “However, my headaches, body pain and loss of normal function in my feet and hands never went away, and by the time I was in college I lived in constant torment,” says Cindy.  
Desperate to find relief, she devoted herself to a relentless quest for answers.
Within the frame of critical thinking, acquired in the study for her science degree, yet with a mind open to unconventional solutions, Cindy began an arduous search through a multitude of disciplines that transcend western medical ideology.     Through a systematic process of trial and error, the study and acquiring of multiple disciplines and a gradual discovery of what works – not only in controlling her own conditions but as well as others’ – Cindy eventually developed an all-natural comprehensive system, the Pain Processing Practice, extraordinarily effective in treating even the most severe forms of pain.     “By the time I was 24, I had transformed my life by implementing the Pain Processing Practice along with the lifestyle changes needed to target the causes of my discomfort,” adds Cindy. “As a result, I no longer experienced pain even though I’d stopped taking any medication.” Empowering Self Healing Logo

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  1. Jack Lutey Reply

    Cindy, I am so excited to have you care for my mom. I am hopeful you can rid her of her what has become constant pain. jack

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