Testimonials for Empowered Self Healing

Cindy is truly an angel. She listens intently to you, understands, and is super friendly and comforting. I was not well when I met her and she went above and beyond. I was blown away that she understood my condition before the doctors did. She even helped me with my diet. When you see her she will change your life.

By Nicole

Amazing, amazing, amazing, Cindy is truly heaven sent. I was ready to call an ambulance, but she calmed me down. Run and see her today.

By Eleanor

I affectionately call Cindy my reset button. Regardless of what’s going on in my life be it stress, back pain, creative blocks or just feeling run down I meet Cindy. Even when I am a mess, I walk away energized, relaxed and inspired. She is the best intuitive healer I’ve ever met, and that is plenty. She has helped me live an abundant, healthier, more well-rounded life.

By Susan

There are no limits to your health and growth when you spend time with Cindy. She creates a space for you to thrive in no matter what has happened in your life. When you are with her, you learn self-care that allows both healing and growth.

By Bill

Cindy is a master and can pinpoint any ailment. I was suffering from a broken heart and was having huge difficulties focusing at work. My body was breaking down and I was not attending to any part of my life. My treatment was nothing short of a spiritual experience.

By Tom

I was lifted up and cleansed of my suffering after a session. I was not only OK, I could even feel joy for the first time.

By Lisa

Thank you for being in my life. I always feel so amazing when I see you. No pain and after I can do everything with no pain and I feel like I used to and I forgot how it feels to have no more pain. If I feel pain now I know what to do to make it get out and away from me. Thank you for guiding me and teaching me. I feel so lucky to have opened myself up to this awareness you are talking about. It is cheaper and different than the ways I have dealt with pain. It is good, not bad now. This is the perfect time that you should come into my life. Thank you for just being you.

By Tracy

I feel total conscious and totally alive.  My life has changed.

By Nancy

Cindy Olson’s methods helped me to significantly lessen pain and brought me real relief.  I suffer from pressure-related migraines, and Cindy taught me how to use breathing and visualization to lessen or relieve them. She spent time showing me how to breathe and explaining the connection between breathing and pain relief.  Recently, I crushed part of my finger in a restaurant.  I began to go into shock and experienced a lot of pain.  As soon as I remembered Cindy’s breathing techniques, I began breathing deeply, as she had instructed me, and including a visualization she had previously suggested I try out.  After about a minute and a half of following Cindy’s breathing and visualization methods, with no medication, the pain from my crushed finger decreased by 90%.  I came out of shock and was able to function again quickly.  As a result, I experienced first hand that pain is not something to fear because my body has a natural way to turn down the pain volume when I need it to.  I truly appreciate Cindy’s help and know I will rely on her methods in the future.

By Sherry

The pain management techniques that Cindy has taught me have been a great help with severe headaches and various body pains. In particular, deep slow breathing helps the body relax and deal with the pain; instead of trying to ignore the pain, recognizing and “breathing into” the pain helps to dissipate it. She also taught me to make use of gentle massage in the case of headaches and to use very light pressure on various areas of the head instead of rubbing the painful area. Relaxation is key in dealing with pain, and Cindy is familiar with a wide range of relaxation methods, such as breathing, touch, sound, posture, smell, and visualization. I use some form of pain management technique that I learned from Cindy on an almost daily basis, and can’t recommend her help too highly.

By Peter

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