You’re READY for a change. You can be Pain-free at Last ending suffering. You DESERVE a more fulfilling life. You DESERVE a Pain-Free Lifestyle.  NOW is the time! Empower your Self Healing!
contact me You never know where the trail will lead during a healing session.
  • How long have you been living with pain?
  • What does the pain feel like for you?
  • How has pain affected your life?
  • Have you found a treatment or practice that brings relief?
  • Are you hopeless?
  • Do you feel as if you can’t trust yourself?
That when you deprive yourself, you’re attempting to fix what’s broken? It isn’t true, now or ever, that you are damaged at the core. Brokenness is learned, not innate. With Cindy, you’ll learn how to find your way back to what’s already whole: the bright center of your very own life. Learning the principles of the Pain Processing Practice. Be coached and guided to put the methods and practices in place in your life, for as long as it takes for you to experience YOUR change. Cindy will show you how easy it is to adopt simple practices that lead to healing. When you hear, see and understand the practices, you’ll WANT to utilize them, knowing the difference that following her guidance will make in your life.
  • Reconnect to your amazement and energy in a new way – not transcending this life, but learning how to show up where you already are, by inhabiting your body and connecting to your core life force.
  • You’ll learn to question the harsh and unforgiving beliefs that are shaping your body and learn to exit from those beliefs and instead create new patterns of behavior.
  • Learn the loveliness and the power of your life.
  • Understand what you truly believe about life here on earth – and once you know what you believe, you can begin to question if it is true. You’ll learn and begin to practice inquiry, a process that allows you to discover the unknown.
  • You will also learn to be curious and open about your feelings and reveal what you’re really looking for.
  • Recognize and stop listening to the voices of guilt, shame, and blame that tells you that who you are is not good enough. Instead, you will learn to treat yourself with the kindness and curiosity that will unlock your passions.
  • Stop using shopping, food, drugs, attempting to medicate boredom or illness or loss of grief or emptiness or loneliness or rejection or any other feeling that you’d prefer not to be experiencing.
  • Connect with life in the here and now, and understand what you are really searching for. Become You.
  • Take in the goodness that is already present in your life.
  • Inhabit and appreciate the body you have and learn your gifts.
  • Learn that no situation is unworkable, ever.
Because you’re reading this, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO MAKE POWERFUL, POSITIVE CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE. Some part of you – or all of you – is not just crying out. You’re ready! And you’re in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.
… delves deeply into each of the principles she’s selected as the most significant keys to changing your life … deals with your most significant questions about how to overcome your obstacles to making the changes your desire, and … guides and coaches you to implement easy-to-learn, easy-to-do methods and Practices that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.
You are as unique inside as you are on the outside.

Coaching levels


1 time in person (LA area) or worldwide on Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom or some other way or even over the phone, 1-2 hours VIP Day Healing: 1 day over the phone – one-on-one Monthly by Phone Personal Coaching/consulting 24 hours to return call

Group Coaching

This is perfect for people who prefer a group supportive environment and people who want an entry-level way to experience The Pain Processing Practice and unique, transformative coaching style. ON-LINE Courses close BY logo * The information contained on this Website is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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