Fatigue – What is it?

Fatigue seems to be on the rise worldwide. It used to be thought of as a symptom associated with high-pressure jobs or an incredibly stressful event in life, but no longer. It has become a constant feature of modern life for much of the planet. According to the National Institute of Health, NIH USA, approximately 20% of Americans claims to suffer from fatigue that is severe enough to interfere with daily normal life. The fatigue reported has more mental than physical causes.

Defining Fatigue

Most often fatigue is described as a physical and mental state of being tired but it is more than that! It is a symptom that becomes a problem in itself – it affects all the domains of a person, it is incapacitating, and it is often a huge clue that something is truly amiss. 

It is also referred to as tiredness, exhaustion, lethargy, and listlessness. Although physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fatigue are different, they often exist together – if a person is physically exhausted for long enough, they will also be emotionally, spiritually and mentally tired. Because of that, it can easily become the norm in life. A habit for the body and mind.  

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For example, sleep disorders are common and if sleep is not regular and not restful then they can result in fatigue. But it can also interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it is a chicken and egg situation. Is it caused by not sleeping or is the not sleeping caused by it?  And it gets even more complicated – with some kinds, sleep doesn’t help at all.

Fatigue can be a feeling of exhaustion, a lack of energy. It is tiredness, weariness, or listlessness. The feeling of overwhelming tiredness affects the ability to perform daily activities. It saps energy and disrupts the ability to connect with the self or the universe. The emotional component is often underestimated. In fact, it can start and end with the emotional self. For example, grief or depression often leads to it.

Fatigue as a Symptom

Like with addiction, it becomes the problem not just the symptom. It is usually thought of as symptom, rather than a sign. A symptom is something a person feels and describes, such as a headache or dizziness, while a sign is something a medical professional can find without a discussion such as a rash.

Fatigue is a non-specific symptom, that may have many possible causes. But it could also be a warning sign that your heart isn’t working well. It can be a warning sign of a looming heart attack. If you suffer any unexplained fatigue, then you should go to a medical professional.

Experiencing it physically means a person cannot continue functioning at their normal level of physical ability. Mentally, it is being unable to concentrate or think clearly. A person has clouded thinking. It is a feeling of not being able to finish a task. It overwhelms most other feelings and can make it hard to work physically and mentally.

A fatigued person is also less able to handle change and stressors and feels weak. Although the different types are different, they exist together. It affects all domains of a person and has to be dealt with accordingly.

Causes and Conditions

A large number of causes contribute to the feeling, and each must be addressed appropriately in order to return an individual to full alertness and energy.

The most well-known conditions are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and compassion fatigue. Yet there are many more types identified: Muscle Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Weather Fatigue, Environmental Fatigue, Rebound Fatigue, Aging Fatigue, Chronic Pain Fatigue, Illness Fatigue, and the various autoimmune diseases such as, Sjögren’s Syndrome or Lupus and brain issues, like Traumatic Brain Injury.

The causes are virtually endless because most diseases include it as one of the potential symptoms. In order to transform their life, one needs to understand particular personal situations, lifestyle choices and have an awareness of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. All that can seem overwhelming when fatigued but take one step at a time and ask for help.

Consider the underlying cause of all known chronic disease and symptoms is an increasingly complex society construct that predicates its existence on profit while continuing to ignore the need for a natural, balanced development of human beings, as whole entities, manifest in body, mind, and spirit, and with an indelible capacity for creativity and empathic, community living. The disconnected way in which we are brought up induces a widespread, societal alienation of the self.

For those interested in more than the pedestrian explanations of various maladies, contact us directly or comment and ask questions below. 

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