How to Approach Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Let’s dig into how to approach your better health, your Empowered Self Healing.

It begins with having a plan.

  • Discern whether you work best making a huge radical change in your life or incrementally institute new habits. Everyone is under construction. Making a huge shift in lifestyle is easier for some – for example going to the gym daily, drinking juice and cleaning out the closet all at once. For others, it is much easier to make small changes and work up from there. Learn which approach works for you.  
  • Pick one or more healthy practice at a time and incorporate them into your life.
  • Start Observing yourself. When you become aware of what your body, mind and emotions are doing when you feel happy or upset – use this information as your baseline.
  • Small Changes make a Big Impact. If you find it easier start with one to five-minute changes. Instead of making a big unclear resolution, pinpoint one small, meaningful step you can take towards change that you can do in less than five minutes. For example, maybe your resolution is to eat healthier. Take a few minutes to make a grocery list that includes more fruits and vegetables. Or make small tweaks in what you eat every day by eliminating one sugary drink a day. Small changes keep you moving toward your goal and help you get unstuck when you begin to fall off track.
  • Partnerships – Stay motivated. One way to do this is to get an accountability partner or mentor. Another way is to create a vision board of what healthy looks like to you. Include images of you succeeding and living the life you want.
  • Go for 10. Use the rule of 10, which simply means do something for 10 minutes instead of 30, or change 10% instead of 100%. So if you want to get healthier by getting fit, make your goal to do 10 minutes of exercise every day. You can work up to longer periods, but getting started is the hard part. With only doing 10 minutes of something you are more likely to do it. The same can be said for healthy eating. Instead of completely changing the way you eat all at once, add more fruit or vegetables or cut out 10% of sugar intake a day (like 1 donut), gradually decreasing until you’ve eliminated sugar from your diet.
  • Make pre-commitments. Piggy-back what you want to change onto something you’re already doing. Smile at yourself in the mirror each morning as your brush your teeth, for example. Or add one more vegetable to your plate each day.
  • Try the proximity trick. This works well if you are trying to add exercise to your daily routine. The trick here is to place your sneakers and workout clothes next to your bed each night. That way, when you wake up they’re the first thing you see.
  • Create a daily list. Make a list and cross off a task as you do it. This boosts your motivation. According to Brian Tracy, author of Eat That Frog!—21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, the dopamine, or the motivation chemical, is released whenever you “do something life-enhancing, such as completing a task.”
  • Make your Personal Health Checklist Custom make a morning and/or evening habit that will shift the way you are in the world. Being aware is 80%.
  • Nobody fixes themselves alone. That is a myth. Create awareness, lists, work on small steps at a time, and find ways to stay motivated along the way.

‘Nothing happens by chance. There is no luck. There is a meaning behind each small act. It might not be seen clearly immediately, but it will be so before if you spend a lot of time. ‘Richard Bach

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