How to Fly Like Eddie the Eagle

Well worth seeing, Eddie the Eagle opened Friday and I found it to be a particularly inspirational movie.

As with all trips to the Olympics, this story of a courageous British ski-jumper, inspires and excites. This movie captures that healing, uplifting feeling. We can all learn what Eddie wanted to teach us. What was most compelling about Eddie the Eagle, however, was the depiction of how someone who had an outrageous dream was able to turn it into an outrageous goal. It is the human story of overcoming that glues us to the screen every four years. The Olympics shows us what we can achieve as a human family.  

Most everyone in his life discouraged Eddie. Especially his father. Yet his mother showed constant support. She stayed behind and helped when all others dispirited or poked fun at his disability. That single pointed source of inspiration explained how Eddie could keep going. To take from the story – when uplifting is needed, look for it yourself!

Inspired by the real account of an Olympian, Eddie the Eagle is not only a feel good movie but it teaches an important lesson about empowered self healing. While I’m suggesting that you go see this important feature,  I’m not going to give away the plot. There are a lot of dramatic twists and turns cleverly told with the sufficient amount of levity. But at the heart of this narrative, Eddie shows persistence throughout. It was that ability that eventually got this crippled young man to the Olympics. God-given talent means very little when it came to being included in the world’s most demanding sporting event.  In Eddie’s case, it is what he overcame in real life that ultimately became the ticket to achieving his dreams.

When Eddie was young, he was a bit nerdy, an outcast really. But he had heart. On your healing journey, your natural aptitudes, along with what happens to you does matter. But what matter most is how you cultivate your talents and especially what you do with and how you react to what happens. How many times in your life have you heard “you are going to be in pain” or “you’re going to be sick” or “you’re going to be crippled for the rest of your life  just get used to it.”  Either told to you or to others. Those sorts of statements do not allow one to assume responsibility for their own healing. Once you get used to believing that you are sick and in pain, healing becomes distant.

What Eddie Taught

If you fall, it’s not the fall, it is the getting up each day that is important. That action and determination is empowered self healing.  Every new day you can learn something that will be useful in your progress. You are building a relationship with yourself on a conscious level and that takes a lot of time. Do not lose heart!

Give yourself time to become you. Eddie knew that he could achieve his dream only if he was given a chance. The fact that no one except his mother believed in him was motivation.  Use whatever people tell you as motivation, not as your belief.  

When it comes to self healing use whatever negative statement people tell you and do the opposite. Unless they’re being supportive, you can think of that negative as a positive. Eddie thought just the opposite and found he could fly. You can find the freedom to fly because truly becoming you, pain-free and healthy, is just like flying to the sky. It is true freedom.

Eddie was out to prove everyone wrong and he was doing it in public.  Likely you don’t have to have your healing in public. Of course you can if you’d like – start a blog or website – but the important thing is he doing your personal best. Prove it to yourself.  

The Take-Away

It is a very exciting life when you can get up every day and do more than you could the day before. The ability to set a goal and realize it means working daily. Yesterday I had to open a bottle and it would not open the first or fiftieth time but after two hours I did it. If one day it is hard to walk to the bathroom, tomorrow it will be easier, and so on. Know it will work.  I want you to be ready to fly high. So  even if you can’t see this particular movie to help you, recognize that you have options.  The more options you give yourself  the more things that you try, the easier it becomes.  

You are going to find your unique approach to healing.  I’m going to give you a lot more tools and ways of thinking, tips and tricks.  But is most important to remember is that you are an individual who is unique.  On your road to empowered self healing there will be setbacks – just know that and that’s okay.  Eddie never stopped believing in himself – even as an entire nation was counting him out.

What’s more important is that you have the ability and determination, which some people call, strength of will.  Do not give in to just laying in bed and pulling the covers over your head.  The emotions that accompany failure are what stop us.  It’s not that you can’t find another way to do something,  it’s that you’re too tired to.  You don’t have to go to the Olympics to prove anything. In fact, you don’t even have to prove anything to anyone else.  Set yourself a goal. If it helps tell others about it, but if it doesn’t don’t say anything. 

When I was young I was told I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life.  And there’s nothing really that could be done about that. I would just have to live with it.  But I set myself a goal to become pain free.  Again and again, I was told it wasn’t possible.  The research at that time said that it wasn’t possible.  Doctors said it wasn’t possible.  The whole medical industry said you have only one choice, take some drugs and if the drugs don’t work, well that’s too bad.  But the point was, I set an outrageous goal.  I had my moment, I flew free. I want that for you, too.  So go see this movie, become inspired, then pick an outrageous goal.  It might take years to achieve but it’ll be worth it because, in the end, you’ll become you.

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