PAIN-FREE AT LAST: How to free yourself from chronic pain, without medication or surgery

by Cindy Ann Olson

A brand new groundbreaking book that will change your life

I’m so happy you want to get your life back and live pain-free because this book for anyone in pain. Do you deal with pain? Stop using drugs and chemicals to control it. After over 40 years dealing with pain, I found a dependable way to help understand and relieve my pain. I live pain-free.

Stop your suffering. End it TODAY. Many practical methods/techniques of dealing with pain are taught in this book. You learn how the pain cycle is counteracted.  By learning to create soothing sensory experiences while, in the midst of pain, the body and mind will discover that the pain is not all-powerful.  Through realizing the malleable nature of the pain, you will be able to diminish your fear of the pain and find freedom from pain.  A weekend of practice will give great results.

  • To understand what pain is and why
  • To understand what the pain cycle is and why that matters
  • To relieve pain and any related symptoms before it happens

To teach you what are the major causes of your particular pain

To show you how easy it is for you to relieve your own pain and related symptoms

To teach you how to maintain a healthy pain-free life

This book is for anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain or inner pain or dealing with someone else in pain.  All because I developed a true understanding of the biology of the pain cycle and how to change your neural pathways.  With the Pain Processing Practice (P3), which has worked for over 35 years and you can easily learn to be pain-free too. I’ll share with you the secrets of ridding yourself of acute and chronic pain, for example, recurrent migraines once and for all. Say goodbye to your headaches and body aches now!

Medication only covers important information your body is giving you. You can learn, apply these practical tools and then even teach others. Be ready to change your life.

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