How to Feel your Energy Bubble, Balloon or Ball

Healing methods are best done in the faith it is possible. Empower your self healing by learning how to feel your own energy. To improve your own healing ability you need to believe in your own energy. Knowing how to use your energy will improve your health and take away your pain.

The best way to prove that your own Energy Exists and you are Capable of Attracting, Moving, and Absorbing Energy is to learn to move it or simply feel it yourself. There is an easy method that can give you access to feeling your hands as life force energy (what the Chinese refer to as Chi) channels they are. Over time, you can use the energy of your mind and body to heal (like in the practice of Reiki from Japan).

It starts by becoming aware.

Start by Feeling Energy the Between your Hands

If you feel a little fatigued perform this exercise to increase your energy levels. This is actually good for anyone who wants to gain energy. The basic exercise to feel the energy between the palms of your hands is very easy. Many teachers like to make it complex, but it is not.

The easiest and the most effective way to feel this energy can be done in many ways but the following exercise is easy to learn. Once you practice you will find it is only one step.  This is sometimes called the Energy Ball Exercise. But if it feels more like a bubble or balloon to you know it is the same thing.

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and body.
  • Sit or stand comfortably.  You can even lie down. Relax your hands with palm facing each other. When you focus you may start to feel some sensations in your palms. These feeling usually range from warmth, tingling in the palm or fingertips, pressure or even magnetic repulsion but whatever you feel is fine, concentrate/focus. Noticing all the feelings between your palms makes it easier to do the next time.
  • Often you feel that your palms act like two magnets pushing away each other. Usually, the center of the force is at the center of the insides of your palms. It can become hard for you to bring them closer together because of this. You can move your palms together then farther apart to get a sense of your ball or balloon or bubble. Perhaps as you move your hands closer to each other in slow movements there distance will grow. That is fine you are learning to feel the energy between your hands.

The practice is simple

  • By slowly pulling your hands apart about 12 inches then slowly pushing them back together again. Keep your hands apart, your fingertips do not touch because then you can no longer feel the energy or your aura. The energy or aura leaving each of your hands forms a zone of resistance between your hands, which you should be able to feel as your hands are moving toward one another.
  • An energy ball or balloon or bubble is an almost magnetic force. This is the experience of your own energy. So it will feel as if you are holding a balloon between your hands, and as your hands move together, you will feel the balloon squeeze or the ball bounce.
  • Keep moving your hands slowly in and out, concentrating on feeling an imaginary ball or balloon between your hands until you feel the resistance grow. Once you’ve discovered this resistance, you are now feeling the tip of your aura.
  • You can now start moving your hands farther apart, then back together again slightly to create a bigger balloon. With a little practice, you can feel your aura between your outstretched hands, with your hands 36 inches apart.

Why this Works

The energy field between your own hands is in perfect sync, so the resistance is far more powerful. This method works because as your energy leaves both your left and right hand, the energy field between your hands is moving in opposite directions.  That creates pressure between your hands, a zone that is easy to feel. As your hands move toward each other a squeeze happens that is easy to feel. In this pressure zone, you feel resistance. It’s exactly as if you’re holding and squeezing a balloon, ball and. Try experimenting with this pressure zone, and see how far apart you can have your hands, yet still feel your aura. This may frighten you when you feel the odd sensation. You feel something you cannot see. But this is a normal part of your natural being.

Don’t give up if you don’t experience this at your first attempt. Just try it again when you’re less tired and more relaxed.

Add Creative Visualization

If you enjoy visualization, you may imagine light or energy beams entering your body usually from the top down and filling you, gathering inside your body close to your hands. Exhale slowly, and while you visualize the energy flowing from your stomach through your chest, shoulders, arms and radiating out to your palms and into the space between them. Then increase the energy flow with each breath.

This visualization increases the flow of energy between your palms. Often your palms start to repel each other, pushing farther apart with each exhalation.

It is much harder to feel someone else’s aura because the energy waves are not in sync with yours, so start with yourself.



9 thoughts on “Human Energy for Healing

  1. Cj Reply

    Yeah it helped me. I feel heat when my hands touch so I tried this method and it’s good!

  2. Michael B Reply

    I believe your the only site that has explained the beginning of a long journey concisely, as I understand it. I was a long time Cluster Headache sufferer. I was able to heal myself by the grace of GOD and the beginning of energy manipulation as you have stated so eloquently.

    Thank you,
    Michael B.

  3. Renae Reply

    Hi, this works! Ive been making these bubbles for about 6 months. They feel amazing. You can also do them with Pine trees. Do you think you could place this bubble on other people to help them heal? Eg. a sore ankle

  4. Brooke Reply

    I don’t feel any magnetic feelings. I only feel warmth and tingly.

    • esh Post authorReply

      This is a practice. Feeling some tingling, magnetism, pulsations, heat, coldness as well as more are all sensations of energy phenomena. Feeling space – energy in between your palms takes practice.
      Well done! With more practice, you will be able to feel more and more 🙂

  5. Mel Reply

    How is it possible to feel one day the radiating heat and some other time heat is radiating, but you feel the middle point or balloon-like below freezing…. hands are warm, and they are radiating heat, but the connection point is totally off somehow? New to this, so trying to make sense…

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