Herbal Face Moisturizer


Oil blend ( jojoba, wheat germ, rice bran, evening primrose,) herbal infusion ( roses, chamomile, calendula, elder flower, rose hips,) bees wax, essential oil blend, grapefruit seed extract, borax – 2 oz bottle


Suitable for normal to dry skin, this moisturizer combines jojoba oil, whose chemical composition is similar to that of our skin’s own natural sebum, with other light oils that hydrate skin without clogging pours.  This oil mixture is then blended with an organic herbal infusion designed to balance and nourish skin.  As with all of our lotions and creams, this moisturizer is emulsified with beeswax and preserved with grapefruit seed extract.  Our face moisturizer is now packaged with a treatment pump for easy dispensing.


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